If your home is in foreclosure, DO NOT DELAY! Talk with an attorney as
soon as possible. You may be at a tremendous disadvantage until you have
your own attorney that knows the process and can protect your interests.

If your home is not yet in foreclosure, talk with your lender directly about
a lower payment or a loan modification. Talk with an attorney, mortgage
broker or credit counselor to better understand your options. An attorney
will be able to advise and represent you in both loan and short sale negotiations
and foreclosure defense if or when a foreclosure lawsuit is filed.

Mortgage brokers and credit counselors are not attorneys and cannot help with
loan modification or foreclosures in court. Remember, negotiations for a
loan modification or a short sale will not stop or suspend any foreclosure
lawsuit. If or when you are served with a foreclosure lawsuit, talk with an
attorney as soon as possible.



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